Linkin Park for Sandjam


Hi my name is clay and I was awoken from a dream at 5:50 A.M. singing with the band in aaron bessant park as I was trying to decide if I could afford vip. I was walking through general admission around the barriers doodling on a piece of paper. I was deciding if I could afford to pay the extra money to see the band near the stage and then all of a sudden the band came down off the stage ramp and into the crowd in general admission The band came off the stage and walked up to me singing the song giving up but the lyrics where different. They were singing “Bring me up” as I tried to match the lyrics with Dave Farrell and he was like your not singing it right, like there wasn’t enough empahsis on it. I think its a sign that Linkin Park should play Sand Jam. Then I woke up wondering about how I never got to see the band or ever got to see chester really sing. I lived a hard time as a kid and was bullied like chester through all of high school. I once got toilet paper for christmas because my family couldn’t buy me gifts. I really wanted to see Linkin Park when I was a kid but never had the money to really go. I never did get to go. Now all I have is music videos on youtube that I feel that really don’t do much justice when it comes to seeing the band in real life. I know I will never get to see the full band play, but I know there is still a chance. I thought it would be great if the band could come to Sand Jam hosted by randy lovelady on the sandy beaches of florida. A three rock concert on the beach. I am just tossing this out there because it would be an untold dream to finally see the band and what better place then the sandy beachs of panama city beach.

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Sound so beautiful your desire. Maybe someday they will be there :slight_smile: you just need to be patient. Good luck :slight_smile: