Linkin park France


Hi ! for starters , i don’t speak English very well ^^

I hope that Linkin Park or one of the member of staff will see this message

The last time that Linkin Park came to France that was in 2011 at the festival “Main Square” ,and I hope they are aware they miss us

Please … come to france !



Hope they come the next time.


I just heard on the radio Chester say That they will do concerts in France during the European tour :slight_smile:

I’m so excited :smiley:


hi there i’m from france too

i’ve heard from a couple of friends it was really said on the radio that they would come end of the year
i’m quite sure it will be at bercy since it will re-open from october to december
i can’t wait to see them

last time they came i was either too young, or in the impossibility to go.
no way i’m missing it this time