Linkin Park in 9gag


I laughed harder than I should.


Linkin Park memes Post them! :)

Lol! Reminds me of the time I stumbled upon this brand o’ rice at the oriental shop:


Not really food related, but I thought of this. From when Linkin Park was accused of calling the police or something on another band and later One Direction got caught with weed


this one’s different too but couldn’t help but laugh.


I don’t even know where to begin to understand what is going on with that picture, so confusing

And if we’re just posting random funny Linkin Park pictures, this classic needs to be here:


loool yeh that one’s funny too.

How bout this?


I start to like this thread :smiley:


Yay! :smiley: The more the merrier!
BTW, I’m sorry but I had to post this again, I can’t stop laughing:



Haha I have that exact same rice at home! Had to have it. :’)


So tell me, did you try the ketchup with the Shinode rice? :stuck_out_tongue:


Steals meme
Definitely planning to! :smile:





Joe partially mooning the cam on the last band chat




a truck full of shinoda’s … follow that truck!


Someone on Reddit sent me this:


you have weird friends. i like that :stuck_out_tongue: