Linkin Park in Boston


Is anyone going to the Boston concert on 7/27/17?
How amazing was the way we were able to get pre-sale tickets this time around? I felt like I was in a rat race when prompted to buy the tickets! It was such an adrenaline rush, it was awesome!
I was excited for Lp to come back to Boston again. I’ve been to every album tour since Hybrid theory except for The Hunting Party due to Chester breaking his ankle and the concert being cancelled but I knew they would come back so I waited patiently. Any who I can’t wait for this concert and it’s two days after my 35th birthday! I’m so excited!


Will you have fun and this should be the best birthday gift for you from yourself and think about it your going to their concert and that must be the best birthday ever for you. So enjoy your self ok. And happy early birthday to you.:blush:


I will have lots of fun at the concert. Every Linkin Park concert that I have been to has always been a night to remember so I know I will have fun 100%. It will be a wonderful gift to myself. I can’t wait! Thank you for the Birthday wish.


@kingleo your welcome :blush:


I’ll be driving from Ohio to the show… And I’m really glad I went with Boston, because getting in the pit was a piece of cake.


Wow that’s awesome to hear that you will be driving from Ohio to Boston!
Boston welcomes you!


I’ll be heading to this show too, my third headlining show to date (and at the same venue as the previous two). Got the front-most row in section 6. Rather excited for this as it is the very first show on the summer tour, right in my proverbial backyard.


I scored tickets for Connecticut first and now have tickets to see them in Boston. Can’t wait, I’ve waited years to see them. My daughter’s dad saw them a lot when they first came out and knew I was a big fan yet never took me to one of their concerts. Now I get to take our daughter on her bday to see her favorite band. We also got 2nd place in CT and waiting to hear about meet and greet, my daughter is getting the best bday present ever.


That is wonderful to hear that you got second place and waiting to here on
meeting the band. Your daughter must be so excited! It’ll definitely be a
memorable evening for the both of you.


That’s wonderful to hear! Look at you two shows on the same tour! I’m so
excited for this show. I hope you have fun!


Uh…thanks, but what I meant was, I saw the band headline the same venue on two previous tours, and this will be the third time around. (You must’ve meant that for @jessmarieagosto instead, since she’s going to two shows this tour. I personally would love to do two shows this tour, but I can only afford the one closest to me.)


I see. Sorry about that. I would love to see them multiple times as well
but tickets get expensive. Any who I hope you have a wonderful time at your


This will be my third time seeing them in Mansfield. I prefer the set up there compared to Mohegan Sun. My son and I were in the pit last tour, this time around I just wanted seats and managed to get them fairly close to the front of section 2.
I recommend getting premium parking so you don’t have to sit in the parking lot for an hour after the show…
I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a M&G. My son was picked in the lottery last tour. I have a great picture of him and Chester shaking hands. It’s always fun scrambling to find something for them to autograph.


Mansfield does have a great set up for concerts. Anywhere you sit there is always a great time!
I don’t mind sitting in the parking it traffic after the show because the atmosphere is such a high and the vibes are great and it’s one big happy family so I have never minded sitting in line getting out of the venue lol. Wow on the picture of your son and Chester shaking hands! I can only imagine how it must feel scrambling for something to have signed. Well I hope you enjoy the concert!


Linkin Park memorial for Chester at the Boston Common. Join us to celebrate and mourn his legacy. Please share.