Linkin Park in Mexico, general area update


mexican fans!
great news, the pit zone or general admission zone, the closest to the stage, it had been divided in 2! red zone and pink zone haha or 110 and 120 zone, im really excited because im still young im 16 now haha and i was afraid of getting killed because of the area where i would be at the concert, the people in there would try to kill me! i just wantted to let you know this! guys im excited…


Hi! I’m from Mexico, are you too?
I’m going to that show so thanks for the info, I was worried about getting killed too haha xD what a relief…


Interesting… but it’s great! closer to see them :smile:


si! hola! lose, dios escucho mis plegarias y las de mis padres haha ! por lo menos si entro al meet and greet no quedare del otro lado del escenario,
saludos encontrarnos todos los LPUs como hace 3 años!


Haha sii que bueno, de verdad que alivio :slight_smile:
Y claro ahí nos veremos
Tu tienes pase meet & greet?


hola!, si, bueno el backstage package! estoy muy emocionada!


Que hay, tambien voy al de Mexico a la zona roja, espero que toquen en algun momento la de in pieces