Linkin park in Mongolian


I’ve been big fan of Linkin Park since 2004. But new for this site and LPU community. I am happy to be part of this. I don’t know any rules and what should I write for topic or something. Is there anyone who is from Mongolia? I would like to be friends who has common and same taste of music. It doesn’t matter where are you from. It does matter you love linking park. :smiley:


I am not from Mongolia, but it is nice to meet you. Everyone on here is very nice because I was new on here too, but everyone made me feel very comfortable on here because I was very nervous on here but not anymore. You should feel comfortable on here because people on here are very nice. :blush:. I listen to Linkin Park since it came out but I was only 5 or 7 when their hybrid theory album came out, but now I’m 20 years old now but I still love them to this day. You don’t have to worry I am a big fan of Linkin Park as well I Love all of their albums :heart_eyes:. I want to see one of their concerts so badly. but it not all about me. Tell about yourself. What songs and albums do you like from them, Have you ever went to one of their concerts before. how long have you listened to them? :slight_smile:. Lastly, it was nice to meet you. :blush:


Welcome on here :joy: Soldier!


Enjoy it there are nice people on here. You will feel welcome. :slight_smile: :blush: