Linkin Park in Perú


Well guys, I want to know how many members from Perú are in the LPU, So, leave your comment :slight_smile:
BTW, good luck with the Meet&Greet!


My name is Miguel.
Fan of LP since 2000.
Nice to meet you.
Good luck to alll peruvian soldiers on meet and greet .


Here ! :smiley: :raising_hand:


I’m a member from Peru


Hi, i’m from Perú. Best Luck to everybody.


Cool guys, well, I’m Cesar, one of the administrator of Linkin Park Peru. I will see you next Sunday in our meeting!

Question for everyone, Is this your first LPU??


Hi, I hope win the meet&greet in Lima :smiley:


Hi Cezar, I had a trial before, don’t remember exactly the year but I think that it was in 2012.
I have a question for you, do you know anything about the early-access?


From Pisco … I will be present…is a dream come true…
Sera el mejor cumpleaños de mi vida


Nope, but I will stay in contact with the LPUHQ and ask them. Is important


Wow, Que genial siendo tu cumpleaños! See you soon


Hi soldiers, I’m a member from Arequipa and fan since HT, now I’m living in Lima. Good Luck with the M&G!!


Welcome! see you this Sunday in our meeting! :grin:



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Hello! I’m Andrea… LPU member… love them since 1999… waiting the concert in Lima!


I have just signed up to LPU.
Is it enough to just click “Enter Contest” in


Hey! Cuando te volvemos a ver en las reunas???


Hi everyone! I´m Silvia and also a peruvian. First LPU and haven´t been to a concert before


Hi everyone! :smiley:


Cool Andrea! Hope tou see you this Sunday for the Flag’s sign