Linkin Park in the USA


This probably isn’t the right place to post this, or perhaps there’s already a post with an answer - Regardless I am a new to this wonderful site and I hope you all bare with me.

I was just curious if Linkin Park plays in the US very often compared to Europe. I used to live in Canada and it was quite rare to be able to see them. Now that I live in the US I find that all their tour dates are in Europe. Just curious. Any type of answer will help :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Check this out for the complete history of LP performances:


Thank you so much !


Aw… No USA dates from what I see



not yet, but I’m sure they’ll announce a big tour soon


I sure hope so.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: I was a tad worried as to how this forum would go, you never know.


welcome soldier, just feel free to join the games section… you can get in contact easily there… :smiley:


i am SUPER hopeful that they come to the USA.


Give it time. They always tour their home country eventually. They’ll probably announce more tour dates in the coming months leading up to the album release, if not the day of.

When will LP be touring the US again?
Is there more tour dates?
Is LP touring in the U.S.?

I hope they come to the USA. Especially in LA.


I’m in northern ca but if la is their only stop I’d go down there any day to catch them


They typically start their tours in Europe, take a break & then hit the States. They cover a lot of cities. So, just be on the look out for announcements.


It is nice to meet you. I hope that they come to NY because I want to also see them hope that they come.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and the info. I’ll have to check out this games section as well. :slight_smile:


You just enjoy your self ok and have fun. :blush: