Linkin Park: Into the Storm


As a college student with a part time job you can come across many difficult challenges in your life, but the one thing that always keeps me looking forward is listening to Linkin Park. I put the title as “Into the Storm” because in LP’s earlier days they faced many tough challenges, but as they literally fought their way through, instead of facing the storm, they became it, spreading their influence and music around the world and leaving their mark on everyone who has ever listened to them. Im 19, but i heard my first LP song just under 6 years old, and it really did take me by storm. Everyone faces different challenges in their life, whether it be internal or external problems, there is always something that can fuel the fire inside of yourself to keep going. Ill be honest, I’ve been blessed with an amazing life, great friends, great parents, and even great opportunies, but one thing that always seems to come back and stare me in the face is some one or something trying to change me or tell me i won’t succeed. Just like LP in their earlier days I try to the best of my ability to shut that down. My biggest conflict right now other than college and trying to figure out what my future is, is weight lifting. I used to be small and chubby for a long time, then when i hit high school i got super skinny, but as of now I’ve put on 48 pounds of solid muscle in 5 months. Im giving all this inside information to say that everyday before i face life, i wake up and listen to a different Linkin Park song. Before every gym session i spend 30 minutes watching their music videos and live performances to feed that fire burning inside me. If I’m ever feeling down in the dumps or like giving in to the people telling me ill never reach my goals, I watch LP’s documentaries to remind myself that if the people I’ve looked up to as role models for 14 years can overcome some of the biggest obstacles in their life, then so can I. Ive listened to hundreds of bands from every music genre out there, and there are tons of good people out there making music, but never have i found a band that can stand out and show that being yourself and working for what you yearn and love like Linkin Park can. I just want to tell everyone out there to be strong, and remind yourself every day that there is something to look forward too, something that can keep you constantly fighting for. Thank you Linkin Park for helping me grow up and live a great life!


Posts like these are the reason I love LP. Pure Inspiration!


I don’t know how many lives LP have saved. I have read many such comments on you tube. I too am greatly inspired by LP. Their songs express my feelings.


also saved me from where I may of ended


Breaking the habit music video gave me goosebumps.


I keep hearing stories just like this about something they love in their life having a big impact on them. This is one of them. Hearing these keeps making me think how it will impact me and my friends.

Thanks for sharing your story and good luck on everything else that’s to come for you! :smile:


Wow. Thanks for sharing this! LP has inspired and touched the lives of many :smile:

Good luck with everything.