Linkin Park - Iridescent (harmonica cover)


Hello, it’s harmonica guy again :smiley: This is just a very pleasant cover of one of the brightest LP songs:slight_smile:


Iridescent is my all time favourite lp song…I was about to cringe to be honest…But it was absolutely beautiful.Well done!!! You are talented :slight_smile: Great job :slight_smile: :heart:


Wow, I’m glad not to make you cringed :smiley: Stay tuned, there will be even more covers:)


It’s always interesting to see the different ways people play songs, first time hearing harmonica in this sense and loved it, great job!


What can I say?

I mean, Iridescent is my 2nd favorite song (1st one is Number) and hear it in harmonica is like: Wow!

I feel a undescribable sensation inside of me now. It took me into a kind of an amazing travel.

Great job!


Thank you very much:) Hope to amaze you more soon:)


Wow, it’s so pleasant to get such a feedback:) Thank you!:slight_smile:


Its sooo goood !!! You have a great talent!!! Iridescent is one of my fav. ones! :smile:


Thank you very much! Hopefully, in a week I’ll make a new cover on LP:)


thats great :+1:


I’ll be waiting for the new cover.

You’re welcome. Keep sharing your talent :slight_smile: