Linkin Park is love, Linkin Park is life


I was only nine years old

I loved Linkin Park so much, I owned all of there albums and merchandise

I pray to Linkin Park every night, thanking them for the music I have been given

“Linkin Park is love”, I say, “Linkin Park is life”

My Mom hears me and says I’m morbid

She is obviously jealous of my devotion to Linkin Park

I call her a dunce

She yells at me and sends me to my room

I am crying now, because my ears hurt

I go into my bed and it is very cold

I feel a warmth moving towards me

I fell something touch me

It’s Joe Hahn

Everyone from Linkin Park is here

I am so happy

Chester Bennington whispers into my ear, “Love keeps us kind”

They pick up their instruments and microphones

I’m ready

I prepare my ears for Linkin Park

My ears are filled with their music

They heal my damaged ears

I can feel myself starting to cry

I sing with them

I want to please Linkin Park

Chester roars a mighty roar as my ears are filled with Linkin Park

My Mom hears the noise and walks in

Mike Shinoda looks at her and says, “This is our park”

The six of them leave through the window

Linkin Park is love, Linkin Park is life

What is the meaning of Linkin Park in your Life?


The best part is your excitement when you felt Joe Hahn touch you.


- marry me, weirdo <3


This is the best thread! 5 stars


Woah, that’s deep ><


Nothing was explained here today, carry on


Explaing the joke!? :tired_face:

You never explain the joke, man.

Uh I mean. Haha. Just kidding.


Wow this is very emotional.


“I fell something touch me. It’s Joe Hahn” ME: OMG! My feelings!
“Mike Shinoda looks at her and says, ‘This is our park’” I love this part xD


Oh My God, I love you, you visitors of the dark side of YouTube :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
THIS IS AWESOME. I want you for president.


Haha, that was really great! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this may i have lost my boyfriend for HIV I loved my boyfriend and I still love my boyfriend I miss him very much there are days of tears and pain one day i have begin to listen Linkin Park and i begin to feel me better the songs make me react and make me fight before i was dead inside i didn’t see a chance to stay in this world but now i see a chance to be in this world and live my life i stand up for my loved one, for my family, for my best friends and for my friends :heartpulse:


This story warmed my heart SO MUCH It needs to be made into a fully fledged motion picture, directed by Joe Hahn. Who else agrees?


yes, that would be nifty!


Men In Black: Park Edition


As I remember I was 9 years old (2003). I heard HT album and was impressed. It was new feelings to me, new emotions, new energy. I started listen LP music every day in every place, it helped me to be strong. Now I still listen LP and delighted their professionalism and quality of music. It is realy great! Love listen LP in trips.


This is kind of weird but I love it so much!
I adore the part where Mike says “This is our park”


I love them. The first song (which I’ve heard) was ,In the end’’. They are MY GOOOOD!


Linkin Park is bot just a Band i’m Fan of they Changed my life and saved it. It gives ne Peace to listen to every Single Song i hear cause i lost so Many beloved People in my life and i still have These thoughts to end my life because i think i’m not Special and noone really needs me but every Time i Hear LP life gets better and u guys give ne Hope. After 15 years of being a linkin Park Fan i’m still alive cause u Guys give ne a reason to go further and can’t imagine not Being Fan of LP and i really wanna thank u guys