Linkin Park iTunes Discography! (1,430 Songs)


I’m posting this to help anyone out that needs a full Linkin Park iTunes Discography. Please post comments on how you think I can improve mine or questions you have for me about my entire discography.

The following list goes in order from A/Z (Album wise)


just what I was looking for
is there any way to send me a zip file or pdf or something?


Wow, that sure is an interesting collection. Wish I could find the same amount via Spotify… :neutral_face:


It may not be in the exact A-Z order, but I attached a ZIP.

LPU Discography Link (Click on link… Under “URL” and “Embed” click download file… Enter CAPTCHA and download to your desired location on your drive.


thank you!


I appreciate your impressive music collection, but all this is not all-LP. First of all, LP has appx 500 songs released via studio albums, LPU CDs, and Remixes. What you have included are side projects like Fort MInor and Dead by Sunrise, and Chester’s initial band Grey Daze.
I think changing the artist’s name to Linkin Park just because the band has a member from LP is a form of disrespect to the band. Also, it contains a couple of fan made albums.
A comprehensive list can be found here.


This was actually perfect for me since I wanted all side projects as well.