Linkin Park Joburg Concert


What a Concert!!! It was amazing the best ever. Linkin Park u guys have to come back to SA soon!!! You guys sound amazing live better than on the cds!!! Please come back to SA soon.


aweeeehhhhhh. straight up the shizz


It was so amazing. Wish I could do it all over again


Totally one of the most amazing experiences!!! Totally worth waiting 12 years to hear them live! i really hope they come back to SA again soon too!


Best concert I’ve ever been to!


Guys there were so many cameras there & MNET was also a sponsor, can’t we get the footage of the show somewhere…? Please guys if someone can point me in the right direction of whom to speak to regarding this request… Thanks fellow LPU’ers for your help…! Rock on…!


The Cape Town show was AMAZING too :smiley: