Linkin Park Junior


Children love music. I wanted to share a couple of times of, what I like to call, LP moments, that me and my children seem to be experiencing. There are more, but I’m trying to not make this too long.

My three month old son is teething. Nothing seems to work to soothe him except car rides, walking around or using the stroller, not teethers (However you spell them), cold, warmth, medicine (Infant Tylenol), cuddling or anything else. Another words I have to let him cry it out and do my best to soothe the poor thing with what I have. One day we were in the car and just parked, waiting for my mom to get out of Amscot. He started crying, so my first instinct was to sing to him. So, I sang the first song that came to my head, which was “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. He paused for a minute and then started crying even louder, so just out of nowhere I started humming “Final Masquerade.” He stopped. I stopped humming, he started crying again. So, I started humming it again. He stopped again. It soothed him until we were able to start the car again.

My five year old daughter loves rock music. She is just like me when I was a child. She even does Karaoke with us. During the cussing we say stuff like Fritz Gerald or something else silly. She dances and even headbangs with us. I don’t believe in child repression (My parents did that to me), so if she wants to get some energy out we rock with her. If she wants to scream we scream with her and we all laugh it off. One day I was working (I work from home), she asked, “Mommy, can I hang out with you?” I said, “No, honey, not right now, mommy is working, maybe later.” She said, “Ok,” she gave me this really cute expression and said, “Ok, well can I hang out with Linkin Park, I like them?” Of course this made me laugh, glad I wasn’t on a call. I told her, “Honey, if I had that much easy access to Linkin Park, I wouldn’t be working right now, I would take off work to go hang out with them too.” She smiled at me and left the room.

As I said there is more, but I didn’t want to make this too long.


Ok…you do know this is forums right? Not for blogs…the stuff your doing is blogging!!!


Sorry, I never wrote in a forum before. Not sure really how to write in one I guess.


Make sure that it will not happen like this:
You come into kitchen and: "Mommy,


What…the hell?


I was talking about parental advisory. Or you mean smth orher?


That would be bad, very, very bad lol


For some reason that picture reminds of Dexter (Showtime).


@intheend. BTW, thank you for bringing to my attention I was blogging. What makes it funny is on my blogs, I get writer’s block and can’t think of anything to say. As I said in one of my “blogs” my creativity is going crazy, crazier than normal, since I upped how often I listen to LP. I guess I just had a hard time sorting it all. So, last night I decided to make a blog, unless there is a way to place them on LPU, from my Facebook page I already made from LP. Again, thank you for bringing this to my attention.