Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day & Iridescent (fireplace version)


Meet a special acoustic version of Linkin Park songs trio. This bunch of songs was performed at the 2012 tour. One of us was extremely lucky to hear these songs alive. It was magical.


Yaay! Another fireplace version! :heart_eyes: Those kind of covers always give me a nice vibe… it’s nice to see you guys playing… :blush:
Sadly I have never been to a LP concert… :cry:


Thank you:)

At least we’ve got Mike and other guys. Still, everything is possible


You’re welcome! :smile:

Yeah!! :sun_with_face: :tada:
Did you go to Mike’s show?? He went to Russia too…


Amazing job guys!


Wonderful job


Hi everyone,

I’m a Lon-time LP fan, but a member just on and off. I’d be curious to get some feedback on this cover of “Numb.” Thoughts?

Please give me your opinion; good or bad?



You’ve got a good voice, but you need to learn how to manage it:)


Agreed with post above! Nice voice, train it a bit more and I’m sure you can do great things! :muscle: :muscle: :sun_with_face: :smiley:


Sounds awesome :grin: nice going once again