Linkin Park Live Jiffy Lube Live August 11 2012 Honda Civic Tour Bristow VA


Posting photos, videos and comments about the show.



The show was awesome!! :slight_smile:

“Obsesstor” lol & Mike


Nice photo! The show was awesome. The Beastie Boys tribute was a nice touch :slight_smile: This was my fifth time seeing LP live. They get better every-time.


Awesome show!!! Had so much fun! Can’t wait for Camden!


Does anybody know if there is an audio download from the show? I don’t know if they still do that or not.


Don’t worry, I think they’re going to upload the whole audio of the show as usual.
Just check the download site on frequently.
But I guess it’s gonna take its time.


Best set I’ve ever seen them play!!! so amazing!


They get better every time I see them.


The show was so awesome. Setlist Here

My 5th one!

They get better each time. Will try to post my pit pics later. They are doing a download of the show on the website. I already bought it and am just waiting for them to post it this week. Will be the third live show recording that I have gotten at a LP show. I went with my 3 of my closest girl friends (and it was my girlfriends and her roomates first show). Everyone had a blast.

Here is a video I shot on my iPhone … I have more footage but will be cleaning it up with the higher quality audio when I get it and make a complication video of the concert to upload to YouTube this weekend (or when ever the audio is released for download).