Linkin Park Live @ World


Hey guys!
So, have you seen Linkin Park live only in your country or other countries too?

Comment below which cities you visited to see LP :slight_smile:


I’ve been to one concert, then one in Florida in January.


I’ve seen Linkin Park 5 times.
11-Outubro- 2010 - Sao Paulo - Brazil with M&G
07-Outubro- 2012 - Sao Paulo - Brazil
08-Outubro-2012 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
10-Outubro-2012- Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
18-Outubro-2014- Belo Horizonte - Brazil (my hometown and where I live to this day.)

I keep all the tickets with the greatest affection. Among them are two guitar pick , and a drumstick. (I lost 2 guitar picks with ex-girlfriends) and also the bracelets of concerts.


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Thanks @evooba


I have seen them once here in Canada and once in the US but soon to be twice in the US.


Austria-Vienna in November 2014 :wink: