Linkin Park Lost


Hi! I’m a big fan of Linkin Park and tv show Lost, so I made this:

Original Linkin Park photo.
Original Lost photo.

Original Linkin Park photo.
Original Lost photo.

Enjoy :wink:


nice photo :smiley: [cool]


i LOVE the first one
and the 2nd one is kinda funny and epic at same time

well done :smiley:


first one is cool and would be by desktop wallpaper :smiley:


Goooosh this is brilliant!!!
i’m a big fan of LOST and i love it as much as LP :smiley:


God… this has reminded me of one of my worst nightmares. :smiley:

The first one is really good, in the second one they seem to be a little too “lost” among all those other people.


aahahahah really cool !! but I liked most the 1st one ;D


hsauhsauhsuahs very nice! I miss Lost…T.T


Very impressive. I liked what you’ve done my friend.


omgosh that first picture is awesome.

love lp
lost in the echo

miss LOST :frowning:


Thanks all of you for the answer, I miss LOST too :slight_smile: I’m watching LOST over and over again [biggrin]
Btw. Cindy from LOST in Castle Of Glass music video!


Very nice and creative!!
I’ll steal them to my pc ;D


Not gonna lie, I loved the LOST series. This is pretty sick, good work!




Really funny! I agree with everybody: The 1st imagen is better, it’s very nice.