Linkin Park Meet and Greet Toronto


What an amazing and at times hilarious Meet&Greet at the Toronto show. We were interrupted by Jared Leto as we had to wait for him to run past us to get to the other stage, so that took some time from us but it was great. I blurted out something that so could have been taken the wrong way by Mike Shinoda but he laughed and shook my hand it was something innocently said but anyone with a mind that is as corrupt as mine could have taken it so wrong but soooo funny. I was too starstruck to speak much to Chester (he looked beautiful), Joe Hahn is an artistic genius he did the most amazing thing when he signed my daughters shirt, Rob made me laugh and Brad and Phoenix were really sweet!

The staff was amazing. The pre show reception area was the best experience. I met some amazing people and truly enjoyed everything.

I also won the LPU meet and greet but I gave it back to LPU as I had purchased a Meet and Greet, so I really hope whoever got my freebie took full advantage of it :slight_smile:

I was also lucky to win the Turnstile App Contest by logging into it at the show so much thanks to them. — Make sure you do this!!

Our host for the meet and greet named Justin whom I believe works for Future Beat was amazing.

All around it was a wonderful experience that I had been wanting to do for about 2 decades. The show was amazing. Chester’s voice was as angelic as always and the energy was through the roof. [biggrin]