Linkin Park Mongolia


Linkin Park Mongolia


26 December 2013

Dear Linkin Park,

Greetings to you all! I, Chuluungerel, your true fan and admirer, am writing to you from a country at the heart of Central Asia – Mongolia. I started listening to your music when I was 5 years old. I am 16 today. I am a simple teenage girl. Two years ago my health deteriorated and I brushed shoulders with death. But I am still alive today, largely thanks to Linkin Park. Your art and creations have inspired me, given me hope and played a major role in getting me back on my feet. Linkin Park is the engine of my life that I cherish above anything else. I am always grateful to you. Every morning when I wake up, as I listen to my breath and the beat of my heart, I think about you. I truly love Linkin Park. Believe me. I am grateful that the artistic gods brought you together to be heroes of our time.

My ultimate dream is to bring you to my home country of Mongolia, to meet you in person and to see you perform live. However, I am not the only one who dreams this dream. The thousands of fans of yours dream the same dream as I. You inspire us to do good deeds, to engage in charitable campaigns, to plant trees, to spend time with abandoned kids so they can have a smile on their face.

Linkin Park is a powerful force that has been able to connect the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Your dedication, talent and abilities inspire our actions in our lives. We proudly promote the name Linkin Park among everyone that is around us. To experience your real self, your live voice and your live passion is a dream of us. If you come to our country, we would welcome you with open hands and will ensure that you have an amazing time here. We always hopefully talk to each other that our beloved Linkin Park will one day come to Mongolia to perform live, to talk to their fans in person and to have and give an unforgettable moment to all. If you weren’t in my life, I would not have had many of my wonderful friends and would have spent my days on my wheelchair, alone and depressed. But you are there. And I love you very much. Everyone loves you very much.

I sincerely wish you would consider our request. I wish that you would come to Mongolia, to perform here and to meet your true fans and admirers. We often feel like we were born to listen to your music. We are very proud of that. My gratefulness to you can’t be sufficiently expressed with words. And again, this letter has been written by Chuluungerel, member of the Linkin Park Underground Mongolia fan club. I wish you all that you will continue to create the music that inspires and enriches our lives, and to strive forward in happiness and optimism. I wish you continued success in your artistic endeavors.

Yours sincerely,
Chuluungerel Batmonkh