Linkin Park @ Monster Mash


How awesome would it be if this was gonna be the next live album they bring out

Wouldn’t that be awesome?


  • Yes, Very Awesome
  • Not really, just another new album would do


Hm, like a dvd type of thing?


Yh man, be good right


I wouldn’t choose this show to be honest. They played much better ones this year.


As far as Ii heard it´ss not their best perforrmance, chesteers illness etc, I woul rather choose one from European or Chinaa Tour this Year (ot only my private oppinion) :jack_o_lantern:


A DVD of the guys getting dressed up like zombies would be fun, though.


are one, the guys are hillarious, in every state of beeing, even liquid would be cool,
So next time at restaurant ou order:" A hot Shinoda" please and you´ll get hot chocklaet with caramelizes marshmallows above,



I’m sure it’s gonna be on LPTV :wink:


Looking forward to that :smiley:

If there’s a restaurant serving Hot Shinoda’s I’d never leave my table ever.