Linkin Park nominated to "Loudwire Music Awards"


Hello guys, Linkin Park was nominated to a lot of categories on “Loudwire Music Awards”, the band need our help, let’s vote soldiers! We can vote once per hour. Voting closes Feb. 3 at 9AM ET.


“Best Rock Band of 2014” :

''Best Rock Song of 2014 (Rebellion) :

‘‘Most Devoted Fans of 2014’’ :

''Best Live Act of 2014" (with Carnivores tour) :

''Best Guitarist of 2014" (Brad Delson) :

''Best Vocalist of 2014" (Chester Bennington) :

''Best Rock Album of 2014" (The Hunting Party) :


im so going to vote for them! they deserve it!


I did my part :smile: thanks for the links.


OK, already voted :slight_smile:


i also shared the links on some linkin park pages on facebook :wink: it also looks like we are closing in on Avenged Sevenfold, so i hope people will keep voting so we can pass them


I too spread the word by posting on other related sites and sharing it with friends. We need to hit A7x 7 times harder :stuck_out_tongue:


done. hope they´ll win :blush:


We are getting close, but we need to keep voting, I’m voting each hour and posting the links in others sites.

I expect that the Linkin Park page on facebook share the links and ask people to vote, this probably would help us win.


Voted. But they N´need much more support. :scream:


I did my part, but I disagree about Brad.
What about the category of fans I expected more. Only 2% voted.


Current status Rock band 2nd with 25%, Song 3rd @11%, fans 5th @ 3% (wtf!), liveact 3rd @15%, guitarist 6th @ 6%, vocalist 3rd @ 12%, album 4th @ 8%

Need more support!


im voting and sharing it with as many lp fans as i can. we also need to remind people every few days of this, so people will keep voting!!


just a few more votes and we will pass A7 !!! in the best rockband of 2014 poll!! keep voting guys!


If they win any of these, I feel like this is the best one to win anyways (although, they deserve more than just this)


I’ve personally stopped paying attention to award shows of late. They don’t really mean as much as they did to my teenage-self.


I vote just to vote, does not take me time, but indifferent whether they will win or not. It will not change the fact that I’m a big fan or not.


I have done my part… Guys we need more votes as in many category we are lagging back especially on the award '‘Most Devoted Fans of 2014’. The vote poll is very low… Saddening. They deserve more.


linkin park is first in 2 catecories now, in best rock song and best rock band! keep to voting up guys :slight_smile:


I voted again. It’s a little bit better today.


Linkin is first in best rock band and best rock song category, 5th in most devoted fans category, 3rd in best live act, 6th in best guitarist, 3rd in best vocalist, 3rd in best rock album.

Personally for guitarist i think brad won’t win the award as he is competing with some of the top guitarist and for most devoted category we are so lagging back… And for the best vocalist its just pure on our voting power… if we keep on voting then maybe we can win that category too…

We have a good chance of winning best rock album and best live act, we just need just a few votes more.

Come on soldiers cast your votes.