Linkin Park- Numb [orchestral remix]


Hello everyone.

I’m really sorry my first post in this forum is in the tragic circumstances of us losing Chester. Linkin Park were one of the first bands I ever tried to remix when I started producing and the band and Chester have been a huge source of inspiration to me for a long time now.

I wish I could have been able to find a way to tell him that.

When I found out about his passing, I got hold of the vocals for Numb after seeing them posted on social media and I battled with myself about attempting to make anything. “Don’t do it.” - “Just leave the vocals be” I thought to myself both before and during working on the track.

It was then I made a decision not to do too much with the music, to only try and accompany Chester’s vocals in a simple way that accentuates and supports his iconic talent. Even when this was finished I wasn’t sure whether to post it, and I’m still a little unsure about writing this message now.

We all deal with tragedy in different ways, and I guess making this rework was part of mine. I’m going to miss Chester’s talent and life perspective immensely. And my thoughts are with you all in this time.

Rest in peace, Chester. x


As you said, we all do different things to cope
I’m very glad you shared your work, it’s another unique way in which to memorialize Chester
It actually soothes me in a way :sweat_smile:

Unfortunate way in which to join but welcome nonetheless!


Thank you for the welcome and the kind words :smiley:

I’m really glad you like the remake and that it may also bring comfort. It can be scary putting creative work out into the public realm but so far I’ve had a positive response to this track.

Thanks also for taking time to listen and comment. It means a lot. :heart:


beautiful :sob::heart_eyes:


This is amazing


Thank you for listening and for taking time to comment :slight_smile: Really happy that you like it!


Thank you! It’s been amazing to see the support for each other shown right across this forum by all members. It is an honour to be part of the community. Thanks again for listening. :heart:


It is a pleasure #soldier