Linkin Park - Numb (Russia + Ukraine)


Now you can observe our native cities - Odessa and Vladivostok:slight_smile:


Numb!! :heart_eyes: you’re campaign a lil for your country!? :smile: nice cities! Are you the one who did all the mixing/editing?


Yes, just small reminder who is on top-1 and 2 on :smiley:
Almost. My friend filmed himself and pre-edited his part, as well as put all guitars together. I recorded harmonica, put additional sounds and finalized the mix, as well as made the final video:)


Cool! Btw say your friend he’s good at playing! I never said till now… :see_no_evil: does he read these posts?


He doesn’t, but I’ll tell him) Thank you!!!)


:blush: you’re welcome!both of you! :smile: :sun_with_face: