Linkin Park on Good Mythical Morning


I’m a huge fan of Rhett & Link, and when I saw this morning that Mike and Chester were on GMM I literally screamed. They wrote silly songs to do a science “experiment” with food, and talked about how it was similar to Mmm… Cookies. All in all, I laughed my butt off and had a great time watching them all together. I need more! …Let’s talk about that!


I’ve probably listened to the Cup O’ Noodles song 100 times today.


Right?? They need to be serious about the 2nd Mmm cookies album :joy:


I totally agree… That appearance made my day.


I will never look at or eat cheetos the same way again…


Am I good or what?


Woahh so cool. They’re my favorite youtubers, so imagine how happy it made me for them to have my favorite band as a guest! Now I think they should have twenty one pilots on, seeing as both those dudes are hilarious, and they’re my OTHER favorite band :joy:


Yeah I’ve been watching them for awhile, I believe the first video I saw from them was the first ‘Will it’ video. I’m one of those that mostly watches to see Link dry heave now, lol.


I’ll have to find this later and watch it lol


i just love the “WILL IT” videos and the other videos :blush::heart_eyes:


I’ve decided that “Cup O’ Noodles” is officially going to be my Alternate Ending for A Thousand Suns.


Since the first day I discovered this video ,I have seen it more times that it is normal!!!:joy::joy::joy: Chester’s sour patch kids kills me everytime!!! My kids say all the time the “cheetos cheetahs”…(they don’t know other words in english :slight_smile: