Linkin Park or other music artists and other music. why can you relate to it?

  • How can you find yourself with that music?
  • why do you feel that it understands your emotion?
  • How can you relate to it?

The reason why I ask these questions is because so many people can relate the music or the music can be stuck to their heads. You don’t have to be too emotional it about.


The singers, the instruments, sort’ve speak what cannot be spoken with words. It’s more of a feeling that they are expressing, and that feeling is relatable.

Each song that is meaningful has its own feelings to it. I suppose I can understand where the writer is coming from when they are playing/singing, and it just goes hand in hand with my emotions. [quote=“coolcat96, post:1, topic:20938”]
How can you relate to it?

i can relate to it because it’s almost like a symphony to how my life is going. If you’re angry, there’s a song for that. If you’re sad, there’s a song for that. If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, there’s a song for that. And music can make you feel not alone, because you’re not. Even if you feel alone there are people out there who feel just the same and music kind’ve proves that. It’s a way of expression. And when I write my own music I feel that I relate to that as well. It’s like getting all of those emotions out there into the open and you don’t have to fight with them anymore.

Maybe that wasn’t helpful, but i tried


No you help out it was helpful is because i just wanted to know how does ever one feel to their music they like or love.


music is empowering :grin:


Yup sometime you just have to let all of your emotions out that what i do when i sing music

music is empowering, and very deep


i tried to start a game, lol …


oh i went on it and i find out your question and now i left one now you have to try it