Linkin Park Overall


Hopefully now all of you own at least one copy of all of the five studio albums by Linkin Park.

And needless to say, their styles have changed drastically over the years.
I want to think about this with you guys. Try listening to all of their songs in order, front to back, Papercut to Powerless.
How have they changed? What do they still have in common?
Why do you think they do this?
What’s your most favorite? And the least?

Any opinions and reactions, positive or negative, are ok.
Just post how you feel!


I have went Papercut to Powerless. They have changed their music, experimenting with different sounds, but they are still the best band ever. What they still have in common, Chester can still scream(Victimized) like Hybrid Theory. Mike can still rap(Until it Breaks). I think they change because they want to experiment with different kinds of music. Linkin Park makes music that opens to a wide variety of people. They are a nu-metal, rap-rock, alternative, alternative rap/metal, rock, and punk rock. They do so much different types of music that iTunes should make the genre Linkin Park, because they are their own genre. There is no one else like that. The only album that I didn’t like as much as the others was A Thousand Suns, but I still really liked that album. The Catalyst, The Messenger, Iridescent, Waiting for the End, and Wretches and Kings were my favorites from that album. ATS was different, but it was still a really good album. My favorite album, I can’t really decide. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are my favorites because they have a hard rock element. Minutes to Midnight is a great album too. Some of their best songs are in that album. I enjoyed ATS because they expanded what they were capable of. Living Things, like Mike said, couldn’t be done without the other albums being done first. Faint is my favorite LP song because I like all their songs, but that was the first one I heard . But what I like about Burn it Down is that it’s harder to sing. I watched LP on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and they played both Faint and Burn it Down. I noticed Chester was a little off key with Burn it Down, but with Faint he was right on. I think the songs in Living Things are harder songs to sing. I give Chester props for not losing his voice after every show. And I tried to sing the rap to Reading my Eyes and failed miserably. I don’t know how Mike does it. Thanks Linkin Park for the best music i’ve ever heard. Keep making music no matter what anyone says.


I’m actually really happy they changed their sound. I LOVE the HT and Meteora eras, don’t get my wrong, but honestly I think that if they had stuck to that sound they wouldn’t be who they are today.
Also, they needed a change, they wanted to steer away from their familiar sound and try new and exciting stuff which is totally understandable so I’m cool with the decisions they took and I hope they’ll keep doing what they feel like doing and what their hearts tell 'em to do. Besides, it was never “nu-metal” or “alternative”. It has always been “Linkin Park”, since day one! :slight_smile:
My favorite is A Thousand Suns with Meteora following.


Honestly, I love the new style. They have come a long way from Papercut and the whole Hybrid Theory cd. Now if they had kept the same style it would have gotten old and overused. The new style still has aspects of the old in it, and with the mix of the new and old it keeps fans and people interested and wanting more of the mix style. So I think the mix of the old punkrock/ screemo/ rap style and the new techno mix, is perfect because you just want to keep listening and wanting more.


Before I first heard LIVING THINGS, I listened to the previous four albums back to back.

I joined the Twitter listening party and timed it so i would be able to do this.

It was a really interesting experience. I hadn’t listened to HT and Meteora in full for quite some time. It was amazing to see the change, I loved every second of it.

This is how you want a soundtrack to you live to sound like. interesting and varied. I loved it. The core and heart of LP is strong in all there music. But the sounds vary a little.

I realized the band was growing up and so was I.


I have come to think of this question very simply, Linkin Park did what Limp Bizkit should have done. They let there musical talent grow and did not get stuck to the nu-metal genre - it doesnt sell anymore, nowhere near as much as it did in the 90;s and early 00’s.

I love every song from Papercut to Powerless - the voices get stronger witch each album and so does the lyrics, the complexity of the music has increased to a point where its indistinguishable to Hybrid Theory (Living Things is quite amazing musically when you listen with a decent sound system) - simply everything about the band has improved since Hybrid Theory.


I agree that LINKIN PARK did what LIMP BIZKIT SHOULD HAVE. But it didnt have to change like that either. Take for example P.O.D. they still stayed with there original sound and still sell out, still rock out and are still awesome today and they were killing it same time Limp and LP started. Limp just took too long off, and really were never that great to start with.

Linkin Park is an entirely different band and animal. They had so much genius and have so much genius there is no way they could stay doing the same style. I also think there age, chesters voice not being able to scream as much, in general not being angry, growing up and young, and there music has changed and mutured over time and I have grown with them. I started from XERO and thought this is going to be awesome. Then HT and METEORA were the best albums for me for at least 4 years. Concerts were awesome, and I wish they would have done one more album in that style and I could feel there struggle as a band in there change with minutes to midnight. ATS they progressed and did a start to finish type album that went together much better them M2M. HT and Meteora EVERY SINGLE SONG WAS A HIT AND YOU COULD LISTEN TO EVERY SINGLE SONG. M2M, not the same, I started skipping songs which was a first for me with Linkin Park. ATS, much better, I pretty much just started skipping the little instrumentals. And now Living THINGS, great combination, showing the MIKE is at his best in the rap game right now, CHester can not scream like he did in HT and Meteora but can still pull it off for a song or two, they have experimented and found the perfect mix. Mike has grown and I enjoy his signing on this album, but I do think Chester took too much of a backseat on the vocal side of this album, and I am hoping 3 or 4 more tracks, B SIDES come out that have more of chester on them. Overall there albums have changed and progressed with the times from 1999 to 2012, they have changed, the music genres has changed, fans from the beginning have changed and grew with them or away from LP. I personally love 95 percent of everything LP has done, and I listen to way toooo much MUSIC and go to way tooo many shows, and most bands, its more like 60 to 70 percent of there music hits home and is awesome so for me LP is definitely a major success and my favorite band ever, and I love the changes they have gone through. If I want old LP, I have 3 CDS to listen too including REANIMATION. If I want the new LP, I listen to Living THings and ATS. Then I have maybe 4 songs on M2M that I like alot, so plenty of music from LP to get me through my days.


that’s exactly my thought. after listening to LT a couple times, i felt the need to write down what came to my mind, and after having written four pages, that was my conclusion. they’ve grown up!
they don’t need that “f*** off, i don’t want to live like that” kinda attitude as in HT and Meteora anymore. i think that one of the main topics that are dealt with on LT is letting go, which really is an important thing to learn. without the ability to let go, one will never be able to grow up. i went through this process, it was quite painful at times, but after all it made me stronger and more mature. and obviously that is what happened to LP as well.