Linkin Park Remix Requests


Heres a game changer kinda

How about requests, request an edit and I will see what I can do

If its for a new album I don’t know if I could do it, and please don’t request a crazy mashup that wont work like Cure for the itch/Place for my head into one song

I CAN combine songs but they have to sound similar



In the end somewhere I belong my number one linkin Park song there both so good I had to put them both as number one


In The End I could combine The Demo with The Studio Version (Basically combining the best of both)

Somewhere I belong - Let me think ( I love the song just need a plan). They have a demo but only the intro is different so I will think and get back to you


Take all the time that you need


Have you ever heard the figure.09 demo from LPU9.?It only has a chorus. It would be awesome if you could combine the verses from the final version of figure.09 to the demo so it can be a complete song.


I might kinda have a plan using an instrumental and toying around with it but it wont be great unless theres a demo that has different parts, let me look into it


That’s easy! I cant give you a time frame but it WILL be done. My Breaking The Habit uses Drawing (its Demo), same technique so that’s not a problem.


Awesome! I don’t mind waiting :+1:t4:


@turners34 @titan2025

Good News!

Not ready yet sorry BUT both Somewhere I belong and Figure 09 are do-able! I found their Demos (I had already found Figure 09 but didn’t know that Pretty Birdy was a Somewhere I belong Demo)

Stay Tuned!


Ok I well tag me when something is up


Ill let you know!

Im on vacation from work so I have LOTS of time to make mixes! Ive never heard anyone mix songs with their Demos, feels GREAT to be original

In The End, Somewhere I Belong and Figure 09 COMING UP (and more!)