Linkin Park research


Hi guys, I am new to the forum. As a massive Linkin Park fan I’m trying to identify the bands main target audience for my media assignment at college. I would really appreciate if you guys could complete my short survey. Thanks in advance, Dan1301023


Welcome to the community :grinning: I just finished your quiz though I wasn’t sure how to answer Q6 so I left it blank. I hope your assignment goes well :blush:


I’d love to help but it says the survey is closed :confused:


Hmm, it still works for me, even though I’ve completed it


Tried again just now and it works.


Welcome, and I filled out ur survey. Good luck on the project!


Surprised how far up classical music was for a lot of people after taking this


Hey @Dan1301023, only a question, what has the income question to do with the music taste? But I like the research itself, maybe, you can give us the further results? Thanx and welcome here in our homebase! :sunglasses:


Where can you see the results?



I filled it out as well. Hope it helps!


@amitrish everything will help, for what.ever…