Linkin Park rubber bracelets - where to find them?


Hey everyone,

I’ve really wanted a Linkin Park rubber bracelet for some time now, but I haven’t been able to find one…they’re sold out at Hot Topic and not available in the official Linkin Park store. I know there’s a stretchy wristband available in the LPU store, but I want to have one that has the name of the band explicitly written on it.

FYI, this is the kind I’m talking about:

Does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks so much!


I want that too! :slight_smile:


I bought one at their concert in Leipzig last year but I unfortunately lost it in the mosh-pit. :frowning:


I believe you just go onto the Linkinpark websight, and search the store but that sucks their not avalable on there. I got mine at the last concert i went to bak in jan of 2010, its black with the Linkinpark name in purple i luv it and i always wear it everywhere exsept the shower lol. I hope you find it on a sight or at the next concert, you attend goodluck they usualy for for 10 bucks…


I have that bracelet! i wear it everyday! wish i could help you man but i bought mine at the concert. good luck finding one though!


now I remember that once there was one new where LP told that you can buy those rubber bracelets at concert venues…and I was so sad that I saw the news one day after LP-gig :smiley:


I still saw it a little while ago on an asian web store, but all gone just now!


same here lol :wink:


Well of course they are gone! anything LP related must be HUGE! :open_mouth:


Well of course they are gone! anything LP related must be HUGE! :O[/quote]

I think they were in plenty of stores for a VERY short period of time…sold out kinda stupidly fast^^


i got these at their concert last year…

[/URL]] had but they’re all sold out

i"ll keep an eye out for you :slight_smile:


I got mine at Hot Topic a few months after A Thousand Suns was released. It only says LINKIN PARK on it though. The other ones have an LP logo on them too.

Random thought time: I mistook the title of the thread as “Linkin Park rubbers”