Linkin Park SA Tour Opening Act


DJ Fresh on 5FM will reveal who the opening act is in mere mins!!! :smiley:


and and, who is opening??


Suspence is killing me…


Kongos it will be


Im a bit dissapointed though :frowning:


The Kongos are not that bad IMO, & I would prefer their performances than either the parlotone or Prime-circle[rolleyes]


Ok thats true… Atleast its better than the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s opening act…

DIE ANTWOORD :stuck_out_tongue:

When my fiance asked who I though would open I replied : “Probably DIE VRAAG” :stuck_out_tongue:


This is very weird. I’m actually listening to KONGOS atm and I figured on checking out what’s going on here and saw this post. LOL

KONGOS is not a bad band at all, I heard them at Oppi Koppi and I loved them there, so I’m sure they will rock it out. =)

I’m just glad it’s not some random unknown band that we never heard of or some lame ass one. I’m actually getting even more excited just thinking that it’s like just one month away!!!


So thankful it is not the Parlotones!!! :slight_smile:


The Kongos’ you say, sigh. I would preferred the ff bands:

Zebra & Giraffe
Taxi Violence
Casette (broken up I know)
Foto Na Dans