Linkin Park Signed Drawing


I actually drew this 2 years ago but never posted it. I got it signed at the Honda Civic Tour in Mountain View. It was all done with a dark brown color pencil.

Another LPU member was kind enough to send me this photo she took of Mike looking at my drawing. He was totally inspecting it and asking me questions even when he was a little down the line XD. I still get butterflies when I realize I’ve had a conversation with him [biggrin]

I’m going to see them again at the Sept. 18th show. Hopefully I’m able to get into the meet & greet again and get another drawing signed. I guess I better get started [confused]


Wow this is so awesome :smiley:


Amazing! [eek]


ooohhhh so amazing :open_mouth: woow!!!


Damn, that is impressive. Great work!


Thanks everyone [biggrin]


That’s awsome!


Amazing! Very great work!!!


Wow!!! This is absolutely incredible!!