Linkin Park Soundwave 2013


For those Australian’s who might not have heard but there is a rumour going around that Linkin Park will be one of the headlining band for Soundwave next year. I kinda hope this is true cause i like seeing multiple band in the same day despite the sets being really short but it’s rather chaotic, for a band like Linkin Park i don’t think it’s a good idea for them to headline festivals such as Soundwave, i think their better off playing their own shows that way there’s opportunities for Meet and Greets and Summits, anyone agree? thoughts?


I’m going to SW in Brisbane…shame they aren’t doing a Sidewave up here…


I’m seeing them at rod laver arena and then 2 days later at soundwave in melbourne. Hopefully it will be one of the best weekss of my life!!! :smiley:


Looking at an LPU get together before the Brisbane show…anyone keen? Was thinking of Breakfast Creek Hotel for a feed and a few beers!