Linkin Park South Africa! Fan Club!


I’ve been dreaming of this since I heard Linkin Park for the first time! I never thought they’d come to South Africa! I always thought that I would have to go to another country to see them live!

7 November really couldn’t come sooner!

I feel like starting a Linkin Park Fan Club South Africa!

Good Idea?!


Yeah, man! Congratulations!
I’m a Brazilian but I really wanna know why LP never played in Africa.

BRICS rules! hahaha


[quote=Leonardo Mazzarella]

BRICS rules! hahaha[/quote]

Love your work :slight_smile:


Sign me up!


I would agree to i have bought my tickets for JHB i would like to help create a FAN club


Awesome idea! A good idea would be to get all the LP Underground fans to a location after the show for an after party :wink:


Loving the idea of an After Party! [twisted]
Cape Town will never be the same


Yeah start the fan club I’m in. Can help out on designs and development if needed.

One thing 4 sure, need to get all JHB LPU members
together for photo shoot and cpt should do the same!!


I think this is an awesome idea!!! :smiley:
Jozi till I die!!!


put me in :smiley: i want to participate [smile][razz][razz][razz][razz][smile]


Great idea, lets get the ball rolling.


Let’s do it… Ps hoe many of us will be able to go to the Meet & Greet…?


not to sure…but it will be flippen awesome to meet them! :smiley:


Count me in for fan club… after party… photo shoot all sounds awesome


Fan club… Yes please [cool]


Go for it.
“shut up and take my money!”


Count me in! I’m all for a local LP fan club.


Sounds awesome to me! [biggrin][biggrin] I’m in!


#TeamLinkinPark #LinkinParkSA Whoop whoop!


Peeps, I’ve seen them live in the USA - Project Revolution, take your expectations of how EPIC the concert is gona be and multiply that by infinity!