Linkin Park South African Fans FB page


Linkin Park South African Fans FB page

Would like to post this add people from SA who are mad nuts and everything else about Linkin Park.

Even make a Facebook for all the Tours photo’s and write stuff.

PS Dont forget to like the Link
Here is the link…


I shared with my friends that are LP fans on FB. Spread the love people.


Thanks Wayne

Spread The LP fever!!!


Good idea! [smile][cool]


Awesome… But there are already a few of these facebook pages


Awesome Idea!!

By the way - might you guys know where we can collect our pre-sale tickets?

Thanks a million and enjoy the show!!



They will email you with a code to go and collect the tickets at Computicet


Hi Llewellyn

On my ticket order it says “Will Call” and when i looked up the status on their web FAQ it says that the tickets will only be available on the day of the concert at the ticket office. I presume the ticket office is Computicket then.



Thats what i have on mine as well and i have not recieved any email as yet to say i can go collect my ticket.
if we have to go collect our tickets on the day, its going to cause chaos!!



I can tell you one thing. This is NOT spam. I sent you a friend request.


Hey LP South African Fans

Just a heads up… Computicket is selling parking tickets to the concert at Soccer City. Tickets range between R120.00 - R350.00!

So get yours before you end up missing the concert!

P.S. I think its a complete rip off to buy parking tickets!!!