Linkin Park Store - URGENT (Case Closed)


Dear person-in-charge,

I made an purchase at, however right after the payment, I went in to check my order, the status is ‘Suspected Fraud’, why is my order status is ‘Suspected Fraud’?! The amount is deducted from my bank! Can anyone please explain?!

I tried to contact ‘’, however the email kept bouncing back me saying that the account got disabled. I am unable to contact anyone from the store management! I hope someone can help me out!

Hope to hear from you, thank you.

Lawrence Poh Yi Long
Order #4600002096

The status of my Linkin Park store order is Suspected Fraud.What does it mean?

Did you try this?


I did tried but no reply from them…


I had the same issue. They emailed me telling there is a problem and to contact them ASAP. Turns out, it was an issue of theirs and not mine and everything is sorted out. My status changed to processing. I’ve talked with other people that had the same problem and without contacting them they just changed their status. Check again, if there is a problem indeed they will contact you.


They have not contact me yet… I am very worried now… No one is contacting me…


Just keep checking your order’s status. A few people had issues and they didn’t email them all just changed their orders’ statuses. Plus, keep in mind that there is a time diferrence depending on where you are in the world.


Yeah, I understand the time differences. I just hope my Order Status changes as you mentioned. Maybe I’m too paranoid, let’s hope…

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Just got contacted by the Customer Service Manager from The Araca Group. His name is Shawn, he verified my billing address and few digits code of my credit card and now my order is processing! Thanks so much for all who shown concern!


Hi Yi_Long
My order status is also suspected fraud!!!
Could you help me?


The exact same thing happened to me but like I’ve mentioned above, it was solved. Just give them a little time, if they need anything from you they will email you.


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