Linkin Park Survey


Guessing everyone here got the LP survey? To anyone who completed it, was I the only one who found it difficult to choose 3 favourite LP songs?! Had to put What I’ve done as one but for the other two I was spoiled for choice! What did ya’ll think about the questions?


It was funny to answer :smiley: But yes, to choose the 3 favourites was the hardest for me. I put I’ll be gone, iridescent and one step closer, because this songs are connect with great feelings and memories, but I was thinking a long time about it, so many songs mean a lot to me xD so they are just parts of my LP-favourite song-list :slight_smile:


I put In The End as the 1st favorite just because I know about LP with it.

Then, The Little Things give you away and Lying from you because are very nice and very good songs and because I get very excited with those… Yeah, I know it was a little random.


really epic they are giving away such an awesome thing , signed by all the guys
but what to do with it if you win it xD
how are you suppose to hang such a thing up on the wall
or are people gonna use it
? :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg! I was thinking the same thing!! It took me what felt like forever to choose 3 songs! Then I kept on changing my damn mind! I don’t think I made the right choice… But is there really a wrong choice?..


If asked what’s my favourite 3 LP songs these titles automatically comes into my mind:

In The End

Somewhere I belong


but 3 songs isn’t enough coz I love every single one of em!!


I did the survey this afternoon and I had the hardest time with that question. There are so many that I love. I ended up with Iridescent, Roads Untraveled, and Numb. I think I must have changed them 6 or 7 times before setting on those three.


idk I flew through the survey pretty fast, I said Somewhere I Belong, My December and Carousel


I also found it hard to choose ONLY 3 of my most favorite LP songs b/c I have more than that- I think that I changed my mind about a dozen times before submitting the survey.


Because of the questions about the songs and music videos the damn thing took me almost an our to do because I couldnt choose! Haha


Great idea with this survey! But I also had a big problem with choosing 3 best songs… Each song is very important to me. I even don’t remember what songs I chose. It was really hard… :wink:


Oh yeah, me too! Each song remembers me a memorie…
Haha! And me too, I forget what songs I chose \o/

But I like survey! It’s fun to answer it! But I spent a lot of time on it haha!


Haha yes that was so difficult to answer. I can’t even remember what I had put now lol


That’s right! I also spent a lot of time on it :slight_smile: But I like surveys like that.