Linkin Park Symbol on monument


Our daughter (14 Y) passed away 6 feb 2015, we placed the Linkin Park logo on her monument.


I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: R.I.P


That´s really nice, the monument she sure would have liked it…:heartbeat::dizzy_face: so it´s ab a year, how does it went on, this past year?? I immediately feel with you, it´s the most horrible immagination to be ripped of ya child, worst case… my prayers will include you for sure cause as hard as it sounds, live goes on…:worried: wishing you all possible power…


Wow, like wow, this monument is so cool. its a wonderful way to show the things she loved and it looks amazing. I wish my loved ones will be just as thoughtful when my days end on this world.
I am sure she looks at this from upper level and thinks the same. :heart:


Thank you. We wanted this picture put on here. She was bullied and took her own life. When we found her she had “Leave out al the rest” set to play on repeat on her headphone…what a statement she made with that!
Appreciate your reaction!


Thats all we could do for her and in honour of her.


A beautiful symbol that no words needed. Gives me goosebump :cry:


I am so sorry for your loss. It’s very heart breaking. A beautiful monument in her memory.