Linkin Park Tattoo Ideas Needed


Hello everyone -

I am in need of some help on a LP tattoo that I would like to get before I see them in concert this August. And I figured the best people to ask for this help would be from fellow LP fans!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LP and have been fans of them since they were Hybrid Theory. I have been through many problems in my life (as everyone has), but it seemed to me that when their albums came out, every one of the albums where on point with what was going on in my life. I love each and every single LP song because all of them have meaning to me and help me think about the past…which in turn helps me realize how far I have come. LP will never know how much they have helped me though all my struggles…they will also never know that they saved my life. And I mean that in every sense.

Artistic ability is something that I lack. I have looked online for ideas, but I really don’t want to copy someone elses tattoo. I thought about lyrics, but there are too many that have meaning to me to choose just one. I do have to admit that I have loved every logo that LP has had…but it seems like too many people have tattooed those as well. I have a M&G with them and would love to show them something that they have never seen before.

PLEASE!!! I am begging…someone…HELP!!! :o)



one thing! (starts singing in the end)

ok one thing u should do is to not get a tattoo that everyone else has. maybe if u pick ur favorite share and add it in to the lp logo. it might take awhile but it would be cool. if u had a tattoo of an lp logo, maybe the newer one from mtm. have it be made out of stars?

if this is ur first tattoo or ur first lp logo. u have to make it special :3 and dont get one that everyone has :3


#1 your birth date + the date you discovered lp + simple “Linkin Park”
#2 get your hand signed then tattoo it. Not many people have their signatures tattooed.

And yeah, HT soldier is the most common tattoo. Same with LP logos so don’t do that :smiley:


Does size matter, and where abouts where you wanting it?


Here’s the Tattoo Thread if you want to look at what myself and what others have done

I also have a blog on my profile of how I came up with the design I eventually chose.

Good luck!


First of all, I must say I completely agree with everything you said, Linkin Park really have so much meaning to us and that they really have saved lives. I recently got my first LP tattoo and didn’t exactly want what everyone else has. So I added a little touch that did represent me and I used my favorite LP logo. Possibly someone out there has done the exact same thing (Lol!) but I really like it and feel that it represents me. So find something that you truly love, what represents you and add your own little touch to it to make it feel personal. Good luck to you!!! [razz]