Linkin Park Tattoo/Ink


I’m curious if anyone has any LP Tattoos? We all connect in common when it comes to Linkin Park. That is what makes this a unique fanbase. Here is a Fort Minor Tattoo that is on my left arm. This is the cover art for “The Rising Tied” (shown below). I put my own vibrant colors in there as the original album color doesn’t have a wide range of bright colors.

What do you think? I’m currently working on my right arm and incorporating the Solider and the Dragon Fly Wings from Hybrid.

(Feel free to share you LP Tattoos!)

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Best place for LP tattoo?


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@JathanNguyen amazing tattoo I will be geeting my 5 LP tattoo this Saturday just the new logo because have the old one



@JathanNguyen my roads roads untraveled tattoo


@JathanNguyen my hybrid theory soldier tattoo :smile:


Very beautiful font :+1:


@MissCoon thank you will be getting 5LP tattoo this Saturday new LP logo this one was done by Maz she is amazing tattoo artist


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Wow this is beautiful! @Chris_Styles


@BELL_LP thank you had a new one done on Saturday will post tomorrow :smile:


K - I can’t wait 2 c it!!