Linkin Park Tattoo Thread



my tattoo, thanx mike


My first tattoo!


i sadly dont have a linkin park tattoo, but im working on it!!! the ones ive seen on here look amazing guys!!


I hope I get one before the summer :smiley:

And then everybody can see it, when i still have shirts on, and not sweaters and stuff :smiley:


[quote=bridgeburner][quote=Janne]I got mine today! Waited long time for it and now it’s here! [biggrin]


my tattoo:


My new :smiley:


my MS tattoo!

Thank you so much Mike[heart]


[quote=Jeremy Bell]This is the start of my LP leg sleeve.


I have the Reanimation Soldier on my arm! You’re tattoo is pretty awesome, btw! :slight_smile:


This one back in January


I’m loving all these amazing tattoos, wow! It’s so nice to look at them and dream of getting a tattoo someday… But I think I’ll make myself wait for a couple of years at least and see whether I’ll still be into LP. I discovered LP’s music only like a year and a half ago so now is really not the right time for me.

I have the same concern! Except I was crazy about 30 Seconds to Mars. And nowadays I don’t really even listen to them… I worry that the same thing might happen with Linkin Park, too. I really hope not. Not because of this tattoo thing but because I don’t want to stop loving LP’s music.


I’m going to expand it on friday the 4th July



The images in my original post are a no-show, and the LPU won’t allow me to edit the original post (why? I don’t know), so here are those pictures:


Extended but not completed yet!


Something tells me i don’t know how to use URL lol gonna try this anyway.

Just got my Tattoo! :slight_smile: bottom reads ‘Where words fail, Music speaks’ i think i need to touch it up just a little yet. :slight_smile:




My tattoo is completed finally!
Yesterday my tattoo artist have added white color for getting a light effect.



I got my tattoo on Sept 5th 2012 - the day after seeing Linkin Park for the first time in Vancouver BC. Not happy with the quality but love the meaning behind it :slight_smile:



I planning to get one, but I am still debating on a design