Linkin Park Tattoo Thread


As I’m a new user it won’t let me upload a pic, but I have a linkin park tat on my left calf, which i’m planning on expanding :slight_smile:


Got Chesters signature done that he signed at the meet & greet in London last month… So inlove with it!! Mikes will be next as soon as I figure where I want it :blush:


Just got one on my right shoulder blade. I love it !!


Thats awesome, love the song too, the lyrics mean alot to me <3




There are some awesome tattoos on here!! Here is my first ever tattoo I got a few weeks ago:


My third tattoo Linkin Park.


Love the one on your leg! Beautiful Tattoo :slight_smile:


thx Kelly =)


Had my first tatt last year on Dave’s birthday. I’d love to add A LOT more. Maybe have it signed by Mike next time (this summer) to start with. I’m still scared so I like to start with small ones for now. This one hurt me like hell. :smile:

(This skull is from the Hard Rock shirt, hope to have something drawn on directly by Mike too one day!)


That looks kind of like the one he drew on me in Camden :smile:


That´s mine :blush:

What LP Tattoos do you have?

wow awesome :smiley:

7th studio album announced

awesome dude :sunglasses:

Who's got a Linkin Park tattoo?

It took about 2 and a half hour :slight_smile:

First I got only the LP logo + Faint Font. One year later I added the title “Numb” and the lyrics of the song :slight_smile:


Here are my tattoos -

My left scapula:


My left upper arm:



There are will be added springs which the phoenix is losing. Some of them will come around my scapula tattoo for a common image.


Mike Shinodas signature. I met Mike at the Fort Minor show in Copenhagen. Then 2 days later I did this tattoo on my wrist. So this is my second Linkin Park tattoo. I also have Chester’s signature on my other wrist who’s almost 4 years old by now. =)

Linkin Park Tattoo/Ink

@lindamelin awesome tattoo :smile:


@LeoLina369 beautiful Tattoo :smiley: