Linkin Park Tattoo Thread


The Hunting Party and a custom When They Come For Me :smiley:

MY LPU 14 Tattoo

That’s really awesome! I have chesters and I’m getting mikes done soon… Just need to decide where!


Its awesome! :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


My two latest LP/LPU Tattoos


Hey. this is my tattoo. it’s not finished yet. what do u think? :slight_smile:


@Eduard_Brazevic real cool man :facepunch:


Here’s my number 2:


So cute… love mike’s drawings!


Thanks! Me too :slight_smile: Hope to expand it after my next M&G (hopefully soon). He drew this one on a piece of paper at my last M&G in Berlin (03/09/15), he (as well as the rest of the band) was rushed as hell but I’m really happy with the result. :slight_smile:


Love it!! Fantastic album


not finished yet, it will be a full sleeve dedicated to music and LP with a touch of graffiti art


Wow great done, man :facepunch: I´m in the phases to decide what should it be at last, but to find a great artist for doing it than, on a payable level is hard, but your Tatoos´re cool :sunglasses:


Thanks man, yeah luckily I know a artist so I stick with what I’m comfortable with cause some aren’t pleasant. Elbow was the worst of my 11 tats


Next section is getting done on 12/12 im debating whether to have more lyrics with the design


what country do you come from @Super_saiyen_Peewee?


Manchester, England, according to the profile.


Hey man, thanx, @lp13413 how are you? Lot´s of posts since yesterday!


I can’t complain


Been going through this thread for a few days now checking all of your tats. I like most of them, some designs are pretty rad and very weldone too.
I don’t think I would ever have the guts to get any tattoo related to a band (logos, lyrics, even potraits), it’s too risky for me, but always good to admire other people’s lol.