Linkin Park Tattoo Thread


Thats nice! Me not neither, you have tattoos on your spine, tattooed right after the concert m&G, ut if you have to decide today, to tattoo your whole arm, what design would you like? As said before, I´m in the “development” phases…@lp13413, hi good morning @evooba, too!


@The_early_walker as @lp13413 said, Manchester England


ok, he lp13413 is one of the fastest and mostly correctt information master, he should get this badge as his private one @lp13413 lol


At your service.


Absolutely love it! :blue_heart:


Here’s mine. :slight_smile:


Ohh my!! :heart_eyes: awesome dude.


Tattoos Honoring Chester

I really want to have Rob’s or Brad’s signature on my wrist… but I’m only 14 years old, so I must wait ;;


Every time I look through this thread I get the tattoo itch. Great looking tats guys!:+1:


yeah same! mine is also somewhere there buried deep in a thread.

Any new tattoos ppl?
I’m saving money for another one, I really want to get “With hands held high into a sky so blue as the ocean opens up to swallow you” somewhere on my body <3


What does the other side of your arm look like? Does the cloud/lightning go all around?


Great tattoos guys :grin:


Can U turn your hand ?



One of my favorites songs


AWESOME! :smile:


Same here :black_heart:


Here’s mine so far. This is only from my first session. It will take two if not three more sessions to finish. Next sessions is this Friday!


Hey guys,

I planning on getting a Tattoo to honour Linkin Park and Chester. I definitely want the Soldier from Hybrid Theory like this…

but Im thinking of colour the shadow just red or red on the bottom and blue color course above. What do you guys think?