Linkin Park Tattoos


Which Linkin Park lyrics, and/or symbol would you get tattooed on yourself and why?

Millions of LP fan permanently connect themselves to the band by marking their bodies with LP tattoos, would you do so? How? What?

Best place for LP tattoo?

I want the linkin park name from the album Hybrid theory, it’s a little japans/asian style.

And later maybe the logo on my under arm.



I would consider it. Their logos are awesome & tattoo-able ha!


HT soldier on my shoulder or back


I’m gonna have the HT soldier on my back and underneath the 2003ish Linkin Park sign from the Live In Texas album, BTH single etc.

Can’t wait to get it :smiley:


I’m concidering getting the lyrics from Roads Untraveled that you see as my signiture, surrounded by very throny black and grey roses. A friend has mentioned getting Chesters face tattooed on her.




I have two tattoos of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory the cover and the cover of Living Things will soon arts Mike Shinoda.[razz]


i want keep me in your memory the lyrics from leave out all the rest as a tattoo
and i cant say the reason why , it its quiet personal. but i can tell you if you want me too :slight_smile:


Mine is my profile pic i got it cuz this band means more to me than jus music,their songs help me thru alot of rough times I want another I want breaking the habit on my wrist or if I ever get a chance to meet Chester I want his autograph and I’ll get a tat of that


I hope these men realise the full impact they have on people, you for example, you don’t just see them as a band that you idolise, you see them as friends who have had your back when you’ve needed them most. I guess for most people getting tattoos is just a small way of saying thank you to them, by recognising the effect they’ve had in your life. I just wish I could stand infront of them one day and tell them that to their faces, and thank them for all they are. You’re tattoo looks great, please post pictures of any tattoos you all have :slight_smile: As far as getting Leave Out All The Rest, of course it’s personal, that’s why so many listen to their music, because we connect personally to what they’re saying. So Share if you feel comfortable doing so. :slight_smile:


Hybrid Soldier maybe on a leg, the signs they had in A Thousand Suns on one arm and the Living Things Cover art looks good as tattoo, thought it’s not possible.
And maybe something Breaking the Habit related, Lyrics or something.
But of all the tattoo’s i need the time and money^^ i had not one tattoo at the moment.


i’ve got a Lost in the Echo tattoo on my arm but I’m thinking of getting another LP tattoo… maybe Iridescent lyrics? or Mike Shinoda’s face? hehehehehe


Can you post a picture of your Lost in the Echo tat?