Linkin Park Underground 15


Stay tuned for more.


Bring it on, I’m ready!


Woohoo! Can’t wait


The anticipation is kind of killing me! I can’t wait for the day when I’ll wake up and the new LPU year will be here and I’ll be like “TAKE MY MONEY”!





I’m back…again.

I still think LPU prices are too high for somebody like me though. They’re suited for the more hardcore fans who go to concerts all the time, or rather who have time to go to a million concerts.


Well, that’s why they have a $20 membership. I didn’t have the chance to use any LPU priviledges at the shows I’ve been to until last year.
$60 is expensive indeed (considering it’s around $75 with shipping) in comparison with the $27 that was the price for the full package a few years ago. At least now we have the opportunitity to choose which memerbship we want and add to our package.


I’m watching this thread


Same here.



@amitrish, no me even worser,I see fairys here on the way newest LPUXV add



ot Thanks for your action and nice to have you back here active, @Derek !


Can’t wait! I’m sure LPU15 will be amazing :smile: <3


New season of LPU, new album, and new tour. Can’t wait!


That’s why LPU is meant for mainly hardcore LP fans. Not that I’m suggesting the amount of money spent on LP defines how much of a fan you are (I concider myself a hardcore LP fan (lightly expressed) and I don’t spend that much on LP myself, just the things that are most important to me personally: LPU membership, shows in nearby countries, physical albums, and very few cheap apparel items I really like).

When you look at the online subscription that is only $20 a year, it’s really not that much. Knowing all the things you get for it. Even the full $60 bundle to me is much worth its price, I mean the items in the package alone could be almost worth $60.

You decide for yourself whether you’re a hardcore LP fan or not, and It’s totally up to you if you’re willing to pay for all those benefits.


For the sake of keeping the peace I won’t argue.


Being a LPU member doesn’t mean you are more of a hardcore fan than someone who’s not a member. To me, this is something the LPU has to stop presenting. We’re NOT the elite or better in any way than every other fan out there.


One thing I want to add to this idea, if you can afford to pay for LPU, but you choose to pirate it (music wise obviously, people aren’t downloading shirts), or just go “I can listen on YouTube”, you are not a hardcore fan. I’m not aiming this at anyone, it’s just a thought that’s bounced around my head for a while. I understand if you can’t pay it for some reason and have every intention to join LPU if you could, but if you are just in it for the music and still won’t pay when you can, that’s a different story, but I do agree with what you said. LPU members may be bigger fans than average, but being part of the LPU doesn’t make you that way

Also I really hope LPU doesn’t launch in the next two days because I’ll be without reliable Internet


I knew by commenting I’d unintentionally bring up the old “LPU vs non-LPU” argument again…
Let me be clear before it gets out of hand (and have to start quoting parts from Mike’s famous 2011 blog post here lol)

You decide for yourself how much of a fan you are. Although I will recommend all huge LP fans to join LPU, for their own benefit, because of all the good stuff it has to offer that can make your life as a fan more pleasant.

I’m not saying “only LPU members are hardcore LP fans”. I’m saying if you consider yourself a hardcore LP fan and you can afford it (while you have your own credit card/PayPal account or family members that will help you out), it’s silly not to join LPU, seeing all the benefits you get with a membership, and the much cheaper ($20) option we’ve been getting. LPU is getting bigger and more accessible, which makes it easier for fans to join.
So I’m thinking: why not??