Linkin Park Underground membership


Hey, I have a question. For the first time i’m going to buy the first option of lpu membership (10$ digital) and can anyone tell me how long have I wait for my membership reneval?


The membership lasts for a year. Make sure to double check you have auto-renewal off if you don’t plan on renewing it next year.


Yes i know! But what i mean… i want to buy it today. Because i want to buy a ticket in a pre sale, and ky question is how long i have to wait for my membership? If i buy it now, when i will get my access. In 10 minutes,one day, immadiately?
Last.time i was waiting for 2 weeks becouse of shipping. Thats why i’m.asking how it looks like when i buy a digital.


With a $10 digital one it should be pretty much immediate as far as I know.


Your membership always starts immediately.


Thank you so much! :heart:


Hi, I am new to this. I’m trying to buy thr Lpu membership incase Mike does a meet and greet in London next year, every time I click on my account e go to the $10 option, it says at check out there is nothing in my cart. Is this because I’m in the UK and can not get a membership?

Thank you


I’m from europe and everything was ok. So the problem is not with UK, for sure, maybe something with your card? Try again!