Linkin Park - Valentine's Day


Listen to “Linkin Park - Valentine’s Day” in Valentine’s Day! [exclaim]
Happy Valentine’s Day!


i listened to that song because its my bday on valentines day, [heart] :heart:lp for making this song

so now your gone and i was wrong :"(


[quote=Linkin Mew][/quote]

Oh, happy bday :slight_smile:


Oh, happy bday :slight_smile:


have it on repeat now for alllllll day :3


I listened to it a lot yesterday :>


lol i always listen to Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day…and post it to my fb page [biggrin]


I haven’t listened to that song in a while…


it’s my ringtone, so i hear it every day :slight_smile: and i love the beginning


Yea i like posted a video with that song on my fb, and lisined to the song all day long :slight_smile:


I refuse.