Linkin Park vs. X Japan


Did you all notice that we can vote the Best live Band. It´s the first round and it will be hard work.

Please vote here


Thanks. I voted!


Done . I voted .


They’re clearly gonna lose. Oh well, like it means anything.


I’ve never even heard of X Japan, I’m surprised they’re beating them by that much


I’ve not heared of X Japan either…


A famous band in Japan, I think. But I wonder, what they do in “Hadbanger Region”


Yes, I wonder that too. I’ve googled and youtubed them and found that same video as you (also watched some other) and I think it is a totally different type of music? But I don’t know much about music (I just know what I like, and that isn’t knowledge) so I could be false or maybe I watched the false videos… like LP has made music of different style aswell so maybe I just didn’t find their stuff that puts them into “Hadbanger Region” but I totally wonder too…
Anyways, I wish LP would win… at the moment they have less than 30% of votes… how can that be?