Linkin Park - Waiting for the End (fireplace version)


Meet the new cover on Waiting for the End originally by Linkin Park from A Thousand Suns album.
Gutar - Vitalii Kliiman.
Harmonica, rap and back vocals - Andrii Potapov.
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P.S. Specially for @lpfan61 I have sang the back vocals:)


Awww! Thank you! :blush: :smile: :sun_with_face:
So nice to see this video, with the merged images from the official video… :smiley: well done the singing part too! :sun_with_face:


You asked to sing - I’ve tried to:)
Thank you very much!:slight_smile:


You’re welcome! See!?you can do it! :muscle: :smile:


Great job both of you


Thank you very much!:slight_smile:


I like it the vocals are not bad awesome!


I love it! I love that you play a harmonica. It sounds unique and different. I grew up with my dad playing one.


Did your dad teach you to play?:slight_smile:


No, I never learned sadly


Maybe someday you should. It’s a big joy:)


I’d love to